Tohoku Measuring Instrumentation Technologies

 Magnetic Permeability, Magnetostriction Constant, Damping factor α, High frequency Characteristics at  67 GHz can be measured by our method. Please feel free to ask us.

Our Mission
  To measure characteristics of customer’s materials, such as magnetic materials, to assist customers their development. We measure especially magnetic permeability of magnetic thin films at high frequency, up to 67 GHz. We have realized it by the MSL( Microstrip Line ) Sensor. This has very wide band to evaluate high-frequency materials, compared to the conventional method usually up to 500 MHz. This sensor's band is including 5G (Fifth-Generation Mobile Communications System) materials or devices used up to 30 GHz. 


Magnetic Permeability Measurement
Why should we measure the magnetic permeability, ‘μ’, by the MSL Sensor?
1) Getting to know the physical effects of stress, defects,  shapes and/or particle structures.
2) Getting to know the limitation of the materials at high-frequency.
3) Getting to know the damping factor ‘α’ .
4) Getting to know the magnetostriction constant.

5) Getting to know the distribution of various characteristics on an actual wafer.


Features of the MSL Sensor

Measured examples

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us
     Japan             : Tel +81-22-795-7059
                               Tohoku-TMIT  c/o Yabukami-lab., Graduate School of Biomedical Eng., Tohoku University

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Company Profile
  Tohoku-TMIT was established on April in 2019 as a private start-up company to measure magnetic materials by the technologies of TOHOKU University. Our goal is to assist many companies in the world, manufacturing or developing magnetic materials, magnetic devices or something like that.