Magnetostriction Measurement

 What do we need to know when measuring magnetostriction constants? The following papers would help you to consider how to measure one of some magnetic thin films. 


1) Magnetostriction measurement of GMR films on practical substrates; ICM2009(Open Access)


2) Magnetostriction Measurement of Giant Magnetoresistance Films on the Practical Substrates by using Inverse-magnetostriction Effect; JEMS2012(Open Access)


 The former shows how to calculate the magnetostriction constant from anisotropy field, Hk. And the latter shows how to calculate it from coercive force, Hc. If you have the magnetic thin film having large Hk like MRAM materials, you may apply the latter method for the measurement. 


 The following paper shows how to measure one of devices on the practical wafer, such as HDD heads on a wafer. 


3)Magnetostriction measurement of a giant magnetoresistance film on a practical substrate covered by a shield layer; JAP2012

 The magnetostriction constant, λs, is expressed as a function of Hk or Hc, as described in those papers. Please visit the linked web site of these papers and find them out.

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